Val Martinez is one of the main sims in the Separated at Birth series. She is the twin that was not taken and stayed with her very wealthy birth parents. Her twin sister who was taken at birth was Maria Redman.

Val is a famous singer that goes by the name Universe.

Biography Edit

Val was born along with her twin sister Maria to Clyde and Liz Martinez. On the night they were born, Maria was kidnapped by Summer Redman, a nurse at the hospital. From that moment the two have been separated since, with Summer going the extra mile of informing Liz that the stolen baby didn't make it through the night.

Throughout her childhood, she lived very privileged with wealthy parents and a big house. She went to a fancy boarding school and was quiet friendly and was accepted by her peers. Her early childhood days is was sparked her love for singing and what let her show off her great skills.

When she told her parents that she wanted to be a singer, they were very accepting and let her pursue her dreams. Her mother let her use a blue wig and makeup to hide her identity (just think Hannah Montana). She started performing on street corners and people loved her voice. Val eventually made it to get on, what can only be described as, the sims version of the Ellen.

Her fame grew and she began going by the stage name Universe. In her teenage years she had dated Tommy Oakes and Candy Behr at some point(both relationships ended in a break up). She started performing at concerts at this time and had many fans who dressed up in her iconic outfit.

During this same time, her lost twin sister became a fan of her's and snuck in backstage where they would meet for the first time. Maria expressed her thankfulness of Val's music as Val was changing out of her Universe attire. She walked out of her closet when she and Maria saw each other face to face, Realizing they look like twin, they said the lines,

"Wait.. we look.."

"Exactly the same..."

- Hatsy's Machinima for the series

This is where the series starts off.

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