Kayla Sims (born August 14, 1999) is an American gaming YouTuber and Twitch streamerm most commonly known for producing daily content related about the 2014 life simulation game, The Sims 4 not only on YouTube but also on Twitch. In July 2018, she has been nominated for Streamer of the Year 2018 in Summer in the City Awards.


Early life and family life Edit

Kayla was born on August 14, 1999, in Chicago, Illinois. She spent her early life in Chicago and before moving to Orlando, Florida six years later. Kayla visits Chicago for a week in both the winter and summer every year. She is the oldest child of among her two younger siblings, Brett and Shanna Sims. Her mother Karen Sims (most commonly referred to by fans as "mamasimsie"), has appeared in some of her videos. Her father, Mark Sims, (most commonly referred to by fans as "papasimsie"), although not having made many appearances on her channel, usually lurks in Kayla's streams saying nothing but "sup," causing the whole chat to reply "sup" back. At a young age, Kayla played soccer for her local soccer team, although this did not last long. The family has three dogs named Mako, Bimini, and Captai, and three cats named Lemon, Pogie, which are living with her parents and Snapper, which has been given to her. She is dating Dan also known as DuckDan.

Middle and high school career Edit

Kayla has mentioned how she did not have a lot of friends in middle school, as most of them dropped her around this time. She opened up about the fact that her father got multiple myeloma during this period, and her parents had left so that her father could get the treatment required. Because of this, her grandparents cared for her and her siblings. Even though her grandparents were caring for them, Kayla felt as though she had to take care of her younger siblings since she was the oldest. She said in a podcast that she got into playing The Sims 3 during this time. Feeling obligated to care for her siblings put a lot of stress on her, and she used The Sims to escape her real-life responsibilities.

Kayla was, in her own words, "a real try-hard" in middle and high school, this being the origin of the good noodle meme. She was on her middle school cheer team for a brief period of time. She has said that she felt like a different person when she was a cheerleader. She expressed she felt as though she was pretending to be someone she wasn't. She also took multiple college credit classes while in high school.

College career Edit

Kayla graduated high school and started college in 2017 at University of Central Florida. During her first year of college, she lived in a dorm with her roommates and was majoring in digital media. She's since changed her major to history. During her second year of college, instead of living in a dorm, she leased a townhouse with her friend, Jill, who later moved out leaving Kayla to live on her own. Kayla graduated college with an undergraduate degree in history on May 2020

YouTube Edit

In middle school, Kayla and her neighbor started a YouTube channel they shared, where they played with Littlest Pet Shop toys. They stopped uploading on this channel when starting high school. A few years later Kayla started uploading The Sims 4 videos on this channel, such as the 100 Baby Challenge and the first episodes of her Steele Family Let's Play. When the channel hit 10,000 subscribers, her old neighbor kicked Kayla out of the channel and deleted the videos that she made by changing the password. This is when Kayla started her current channel, lilsimsie, where she rapidly grew a large audience. Currently, the lilsimsie channel has over 900k subscribers as of the 4 of August 2020.

Additional YouTube channels Edit

moresimsie Edit

Her second channel, moresimsie, is currently used as a place to upload stream VODs (videos on demand), but it was originally used as a second channel where she played other games. She uploaded a video of her taking pop quizzes with her friend titled, Who's my YouTube Boyfriend? but it has been deleted/made private as of April 2018. She has also said that she filmed a few episodes of her playing Kitty Powers Matchmaker with her sister but has never uploaded them. On September 1, 2017, she uploaded a Not So Berry Challenge VOD and has continued uploading every VOD of hers since.

Hey Simsie! podcast Edit

On July 30, 2017, Kayla uploaded a Podcast Teaser on her channel, Hey Simsie! and uploaded the first full-length podcast the following day. The episodes usually revolve around stories about Kayla's life, and she often has her friends or family present as guests. The podcast is currently on hold due to her busy college, YouTube, and Twitch careers. Kayla has addressed the end of the podcast occasionally during her Twitch streams, saying that she didn't have time to continue it. Additionally, Kayla once stated that daily streaming took over in place of the podcasts. Unfortunately, Kayla has stopped posting on her podcast channel this channel has not been active since 2018.

Social Media Edit

Twitch Edit

Kayla has a Twitch channel under the username lilsimsie, where she streams nearly every day. Her first stream was in 2015, where she did only two streams before stopping. When she started streaming again in September of 2017, she soon got partnered a few days later. It took such little time because she already had a large following on YouTube. Her streams typically last about three hours, where she usually plays The Sims 4, The Sims 3, or Stardew Valley. In the past she's played games such as House Flipper, My Time at Portia, Cities Skylines, Uno, and Golf It, among others. She used a text to speech bot named Brian who reads donations of at least $3 or 300 bits out loud. When certain amounts of money or bits are donated Kayla is "jump scared", by a loud noise that tells her and the viewers that a large amount of money had been donated.

Twitter Edit

Twitter is another form of social media that Kayla uses under the username lilsimsie. She doesn't post on Twitter that often, but when she does it is an always a tweet that she thought a lot about before posting, normally consisting of memes and inside jokes that she shares with her followers. She often posts about Rick Astley, a British singer who is well known for a song titled "Never Gonna Give You Up". Additionally, Kayla posts when she is going live on Twitch and usually deletes the tweet soon after.

Instagram Edit

Kayla doesn't use Instagram very often. Her username is lilsimsie, and she has over 44k followers. She has stated that she is very self-conscious and gets anxious when posting. Recently, she's started to post more often but has admitted to posting old photos instead of taking new ones. In addition, she says that she doesn't go out much so she feels as though she doesn't have much to post.

Snapchat Edit

Kayla's Snapchat used to be public. However, she has since made it private. This is because she now only uses Snapchat to speak to friends and family. She no longer posts because it was becoming too much. Kayla says that she keeps a few snap streaks with just a few people. In the past, she told a story of how she lost a streak with her sister and her sister Shanna was not happy with her.

Reddit Edit

Kayla recently starting being active on Reddit. She posted a picture of her build and the managers of the page thought that someone was impersonating her. Kayla has told this story a few times and says that she finds it very funny. She states that she never thought she would be accused of impersonating herself. The build she posted was a picture of a house from her let's build.

Tumblr Edit

Kayla has become much less active on Tumblr over the years. She used to post screenshots from her Huntley Legacy. Currently, she posts yearly CC favorites and her Simsie Save updates on her main blog. She also reblogs all of the CC she downloads on her CC finds blog.

Origin Edit

Steam Edit

Kayla has a steam account under than name of "lilsimsie" her real name is Kayla Simsie. She owns 66 games and has 40 friends. She opened her account on June 14, 2015.

Celebrated Milestones Edit

YouTube Edit

  • 3,000 Subscribers: March 2016 - Q&A
  • 4,000 Subscribers: April 2016 - Q&A with face cam
  • 10,000 Subscribers: July 2016 - Fixer-upper contest
  • 30,000 Subscribers: August 2016 - Reacted to old videos
  • 50,000 Subscribers: November 2016 - Covered herself in 50,000 noodles and put 50,000 sprinkles on a cake
  • 75,000 Subscribers: February 2017 - Gaming setup tour and speed build of her room
  • 100,000 Subscribers: April 2017 - Reacted to childhood photos
  • 200,000 Subscribers: April 2018 - Reacting to 4,000 subscribers video

Twitch Edit

  • First Stream: December 2015
  • Regular Streaming: September 1, 2017
  • Partnered: September 15, 2017
  • One Year of Streaming: September 1, 2018

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