Maria Redman (originally Martinez) is one of the main sims in the Separated at Birth series. She was the twin who was stolen on the night that she was born. The twin whom she was separated from was Val Martinez.

Biography Edit

Maria was born along with her twin sister Val at a hospital to Clyde and Liz Martinez. On the night they were born, a jealous nurse, Summer Redman kidnapped Maria and raised the child as her own. Liz ,very confused on where her missing child is, was given the excuse by Summer that the baby didn't make through the night. Liz, heartbroken, sobbed about her believed to be dead child.

Maria's childhood was rough considering her circumstance. She was raised in Summer's small trailer which was often dirty, having many of her chores being cleaning the trailer. Summer was quite poor so Maria's life was filled with many low-quality belongings.

When she started school, she was constantly bullied and told she was unwanted by her peers. Despite her refusing to stay at the public school, her "mother" angerly forced her to stay there. Her school life continued to be miserable.

As she grew into a teen, she was still constantly doing chores at home with Summer always keeping an eye on her. During this time, she met and dated Tommy Oakes for a short amount of time and also met Waldo Fisher.

She was walking through San Myshuno when she saw TVs at the window of a store showing the popular singer Universe. Maria quickly became a fan of Universe's music, even buying a set her iconic stage outfit at a store.

When she was caught enjoying Universe's music in her room, Summer rudely told her to stop, knowing that Universe was Maria's twin, Val, whom she was separated from. Telling her to take down her posters and get rid of her merch. This was when the ruder side of her mother is shown to her more heavily, as Summer laughed at her after throwing a drink at her. Maria was obviously upset.

Disobeying her "mother's" rules, Maria went to the Universe concert and had an enjoyable time. She snuck into the backstage to tell Universe how appreciated her music and how it got her through rough times. When Val returns from her closet out of her Universe attire, they meet face to face for the first time. Noticing the remarkable similarities to each other, they said to each other,

"Wait.. we look.."

"Exactly the same..."

- Hatsy's Machinima for the series

This is where the series starts off

*This series has come to an early end, Kayla has not explained why.

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